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Вакансия действительна с 10.11.2017 по 17.11.2017
Инженер электросвязи
E&I Field Engineer
IT, телекоммуникации, связь, электроника -->IT, телекоммуникации, связь, электроника
  • Оплата труда: от 10 до 20 тенге
Вахтовый метод, постоянная работа
Информация о вакансии
  • Регион АТЫРАУСКАЯ ОБЛАСТЬ / г. Атырау
  • Место работы Тенгиз
  • Должностные обязанности
    • Work with the Owner on a seconded basis and take direction for the Owner. Also must act as the owners agent during coordination and inspection of field activities. This is a schedule driven project and two shifts per day must be managed. Candidate must be willing to rotate between day and night shift as demands require.
    • Works closely with owner, project manager, site manager, other field construction managers and electrical field engineer as required, in formulating, discussing and finalizing the overall plan of operations, job layout, job schedule, etc.
    • Manages the day-to-day activities of contractors in field, coordinating with other field construction managers and Contractor supervisors. Must work with persons of different cultures and languages
    • Maintains regular communications with project staff to ensure work complies with drawings, specifications and schedule
    • Reviews plans and specifications of job, contractor scope documents, HSSE and quality requirements to ensure that quantities, values, manpower requirements and deliveries of various divisions of job are understood
    • Participates in weekly progress meetings with contractors
    • Assists in preparation of plan during the life of the job for receiving, storing and handling materials as required
    • Assists in resolving construction problems (lack of productivity, work interfaces, etc.) as required
    • Maintains best possible relationship with subcontractors associated with job
    • Performs additional assignments per project manager's and site managers direction
  • Количество вакансий 1
Требования к соискателю
  • Стаж по специальности 7 лет
  • Требования к квалификации
    • Minimum high school diploma / GED and 10 years total construction management experience required
    • A minimum of five years' design / build experience with electrical systems required
    • Four-year degree in building science, construction management or engineering and ten years total construction management experience preferred
    • Strong leadership and management skills required
    • Deep knowledge and understanding of electrical systems required
    • Requires excellent technical and management skills
    • Strong client relations skills are a must
    • Demonstrated ability to effectively control schedule
    • Excellent knowledge of safety requirements
    • Shows leadership, concise execution of plans, integrity and strong communication skills
  • Уровень образования высшее
  • Знание языков
    • Казахский - продвинутый уровень
    • Английский - продвинутый уровень
    • Русский - продвинутый уровень
  • Компьютерные навыки

    PC Skills


Источник - частное агентство занятости
  • Количество работников 30
  • Сведения от предприятии

    KIS/Orion providers of personnel local and expatriate to the Kazakhstan Oil and Gas operators. Design and Engineering Support Services, Oil and Gas Support Industry and the Financial institutions from the Oil and Gas fields in Tengiz across to the man made islands in the Caspian sea and onwards into the Major cities within Kazakhstan.For clients, KlS/Orion undertakes to provide the best people to meet contract and staff needs, by working in partnership to thoroughly understand individual client needs and deliver a service that exceeds expectations. We will also work to continuously improve our management, safety, environmental and quality systems to meet the challenges of new and current markets. For staff, we pledge to provide a good working environment, using the most effective technology to meet the business needs of our company and clients. Through training, we aim to create a motivated workforce that performs to maximum potential, and is rewarded according to company success. By striving to meet these standards of excellence, we aim to outperform our competitors in all aspects of our business, to achieve growth and increase profitability within a dynamic working environment.

  • Контактное лицо Амангуль Кожахметова Талгатовна
  • Регион предприятия АТЫРАУСКАЯ ОБЛАСТЬ / г. Атырау
  • Адрес предприятия Азаттык 2Б
  • Контактные данные
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