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координатор по КБТ - Культура безопасности труда
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  • Аймақ АТЫРАУСКАЯ ОБЛАСТЬ / Жылыойский район
  • Жұмыс орны Прорва месторождение
  • Лауазымдық міндеті

    Main Responsibilities:

    • IIF Coordinator will be responsible for implementing the IIF Protocol in the TS area of responsibility.
    • Will support the objectives of TS Management and provide direction to the workforce in executing the delivery of the identified elements of the IIF Protocol as applicable for the activities in the TS area of responsibility.
    • The IIF Coordinator will provide direction to TS and subcontractor’s management and supervision to foster IIF practices.
    • Actively engage with workforce to create a positive IIF workplace culture.
    • Be a leader for IIF principals.
    • Develop a plan to implement IIF recommendations for improving performance.
    • Create a partnership with TCO IIF Coordinator to work as a team to achieve set IIF objectives.
    • Establish collaborative relationships with key stakeholders on site to ensure a coordinated approach of IIF support between TS, JMJ and subcontractors.
    • Provide leadership and guidance in the field to ensure activities are relevant and meaningful toward providing IIF support.
    • Create and deliver initiatives to stimulate an IIF culture across the TS area of responsibility in collaboration with different stakeholders.
    • Ensure “quality and clarity of IIF message” is being maintained. Carry out audits, reviews and feedback surveys to validate this.
    • Extend coaching principles, where practicable, to include Project as well as Contractor, supervision and workforce.

    Ensure the IIF Protocol elements are implemented with TS and subcontractor participants in the following activities:

    • 2 Day Commitment workshops.
    • Train the Trainer workshops.
    • IIF Orientations.
    • IIF Coaching.
    • Conduct one on one coaching of site and office based managers/supervisors on how to engage in IIF conversations in support of Managing Safe Workplace practices. This includes sites across all areas, all supervision and subcontractor employees within Project.
    • Facilitate work group coaching sessions where required. This will involve focusing on particular IIF issues within a workgroup, with a view to reinforcing a positive culture or addressing issues surrounding a negative culture.
    • Actively engage with contractor workforce to assist in creating a positive IIF workplace culture. Be a leader for IIF principals.
    • Be actively involved with the IIF Champions Network as a facilitator, SME, reference point and coordinator of planned activities (when required).
    • Provide assistance where required in promoting and coaching individuals in effectively utilising BBS systems.
    • Lead by example by conducting in-field team meetings.
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  • Біліктілікке қойылатын талаптар

    Qualifications & Experience:

    • Diploma.
    • 5 years related HES experience.
    • At least 3 - 5 years relevant HSE experience with knowledge and practical experience in site safety.
    • Safety related qualification.
    • Marine HSE Experience will be a benefit.

    Required Competencies:

    The job holder must have proven:

    • Exceptional organization skills, written and verbal communication ability.
    • An advanced understanding of HSE skills such as hazard analysis, risk assessment, HSE training, auditing and monitoring is essential.
    • Leadership skills and natural decision maker.
    • Good presentation.
    • High level IT skills.
    • Must be self-motivated and able to take initiative.
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    ТОО «ТенизСервис» является лидером по поддержке морских нефтяных операций в Казахстанском секторе Каспийского моря (КСКМ). За период своего существования ТОО «ТенизСервис», руководствуясь международными стандартами, реализовало ряд проектов по развитию береговой инфраструктуры КСКМ.

    Является конкурентоспособной казахстанской компанией, которая отвечает требованиям международных стандартов и с успехом оказывает услуги по поддержке морских нефтяных операций.

    Деятельность компании сосредоточена в Тюб-Караганском, Каракиянском районах Мангистауской области и Жылыойском районе Атырауской области.

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