Karaganda State Technical University


Karaganda Polytechnic Institute (KarPI)) is a higher educational institution for training technical personnel in the city of Karaganda. Karaganda Technical University has a special status - the university of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Training is provided in a wide range of technical and humanitarian specialties. Founded on July 9, 1953.

All professions

Transport control interface designer

ITS designer (traffic management systems, smart logistics, dispatching, real-time monitoring and analysis, etc.)

ITS operator

Digital Twin Designer

Operator of digital twins

Digital logistic card constructor

Operator of digital logistics maps

Digital logistician

Biometric control technologist

Drone Traffic Optimizer

Predictive Maintenance Technologist

Additive Maintenance Engineer

Robotics operator

Robotics Technological Engineer

Remote control operator of a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles

Operator-technologist of autonomous vehicles

Transport gamiifier

Specialist in virtual prototyping

Reverse engineering design engineer

Engineer designer of industrial robotics 

Engineer-designer of household robots

Engineer-designer of radio photonics devices

A specialist in the field of nanotechnology

Specialist in predictive diagnostics

3D printing materials scientist

Specialist in nanophotonics and metamaterials

Cybersecurity specialist (industrial)

BIG DATA analyst (industrial)

Big Data Analytics (in the field of tourism)

Big-data architect

Digital technologist

Design Engineer to create digital twin of fields

Design Engineer for Digital Twins of Refineries

Gentle metallurgy specialist

Production Data Analyst and Machine Learning Specialist

Petroleum Service Digitalization Engineer (BIG DATA Architect)

IT dispatcher

IT dispatcher

Unmanned aerial vehicle operator

Drone control specialist for field development (geology, geodesy, mine surveying)

Universal pipeline manager

Cyber Security Engineer

Defender against cyber attacks

Continuous Improvement Specialist (CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT SPECIALIST)

Facility manager

Analytical Engineer in the Oil and Gas Industry


Innovative technologist

R&D Project Manager

Computational Chemist

Nanotechnology engineer

Extractive Industries Ecoanalyst (Mitigation Management)

Composite Chemist

Laboratory chemist for the development of new materials

Chemical Engineering Technologist

Power engineer for innovative energy (generation of various types of energy)

Hydrogen Energy Technologist

Design engineer for modernization and adaptation of equipment

Equipment Modernization Supervisor

3D printing operator

Equipment Reliability and Predictive Analytics Engineer

Service software developer for oil and gas processes

Digital coach / distance mentor

Industrial reality 3D modeling specialist for worker training

Developer of individual training programs

Coal processing chemist

Biological interaction technologist

Aircraft Fuel Chemist

Technologist for the production of rubber, polypropylene, rubber and plastic from coal


Microbiologist on microalgae


Regeneration and disposal engineer

Smart Grid Designer

Specialist in integrated design of power supply systems

Artificial Intelligence Development and Implementation Engineer (Smart Grid)

Smart manager

RES operational dispatcher

Energy Marketer

Hydrogen Energy Engineer

Developer-designer of autonomous power systems

Developer-designer of electric and heat energy storage devices

Numerical methods in energy

Building manager, apartment building

City Moderator

Modernization Engineer for Traditional Energy Equipment

Reactor equipment engineer

Recuperation engineer

Gas station designer

Generating device mechanic

Process Engineer for High Temperature Materials Science

Economics Specialist on Demand

Energy manager

Engineer for the development of CAD based on multiphysics modeling of energy objects

Operator of unmanned aerial vehicles for process control and geological exploration

Dynamic warehouse manager

Handling Supervisor

End-to-end logistics flow manager

Logistics Flow Optimization Manager

Dispatcher UAV

Construction robot / robotics operator

Robotics technician

Big Data analyst in construction

Sustainability Specialist

Energy Saving Technologies Engineer

Smart road design specialist