Kazakh Agro Technical University named after S. Seifullina


The establishment of a new educational institution was a response to the challenge of the time, during the period of development of virgin and fallow lands in Northern Kazakhstan, when the country needed specialists in the field of agriculture. In order to expand the training of specialists for agricultural production for the northern and central regions of Kazakhstan by the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR from On October 3, 1957, and by order of the USSR Ministry of Agriculture of October 9, 1957, the Akmola Agricultural Institute was organized with the following faculties: agronomic, agricultural mechanization and land management.

All professions

Transport control interface designer

ITS designer (traffic management systems, smart logistics, dispatching, real-time monitoring and analysis, etc.)

ITS operator

Digital Twin Designer

Operator of digital twins

Digital logistic card constructor

Predictive Maintenance Technologist

Additive Maintenance Engineer

Operator-technologist of autonomous vehicles

Alternative and Eco Transport Technician

Designer/ developer/ engineer-technologist smart cyberphysical infrastructures

Devops engineer

Guide to mixed realities (functions can be performed by ai)


Biotechnologist-microbiologist aquasystems

It engineer for land management



Engineer-technologist peripheral computing


Agronomist of energy crops

Microbiologist on microalgae


Smart Grid Designer

Artificial Intelligence Development and Implementation Engineer (Smart Grid)

Smart manager

RES operational dispatcher

Energy Marketer

Hydrogen Energy Engineer

Developer-designer of electric and heat energy storage devices

Numerical methods in energy

Building manager, apartment building

City Moderator

Modernization Engineer for Traditional Energy Equipment

Aerohydrodynamics of wind and hydro turbines

Reactor equipment engineer

Gas station designer

Generating device mechanic

Economics Specialist on Demand

Energy manager

Financial Instruments Engineer

Engineer for the development of CAD based on multiphysics modeling of energy objects

Ecosystem management technologist

Specialist in new technology in agriculture

Architect peripheral computing