Kostanay Engineering and Economic University named after M. Dulatova


KINEU is a higher educational institution in the Kostanay region, which arose as a result of the changed economic and social conditions in independent Kazakhstan. “We are training specialists with entrepreneurship and business thinking skills. We build relationships on the principles of honest and open work "

All professions

Transport control interface designer

ITS designer (traffic management systems, smart logistics, dispatching, real-time monitoring and analysis, etc.)

ITS operator

Digital Twin Designer

Operator of digital twins

Digital logistic card constructor

Operator of digital logistics maps

Digital logistician

Predictive Maintenance Technologist

Additive Maintenance Engineer

Operator-technologist of autonomous vehicles

Transport gamiifier

BIG DATA analyst (industrial)

Developer adc constructor (aggregated digital doubles)

Operator adc

Designer/ developer/ engineer-technologist smart cyberphysical infrastructures

Iot specialist

Architect peripheral computing

Guide to mixed realities (functions can be performed by ai)

R&d manager

Architect it ecosystems

Digital agronomist

The operator on robotics

Engineer of the product tracking system

Engineer for automation and robotization of agricultural production (Agroinformatics)


Operator intellectual cyber-physical infrastructures

Engineer-technologist peripheral computing

Ecosystem management technologist