Kazakh National Agrarian University


The main goal of the research university is the integration of science and industry, training of highly qualified personnel through participation in fundamental and applied scientific research and scientific and technical projects. The university managed to concentrate its resources and, in fact, became the core of the educational, scientific, innovative environment of agro-industrial development, significantly affecting the country's competitiveness in this industry. Today, the university is successfully integrating into the global scientific space, collaborating with leading foreign universities and research centers, implementing international programs on topical topics such as climate change, environmental protection, food security, drinking water shortage, etc. The Higher School of Farmers, created on the basis of the University, according to the international model "Extension", provides consulting and educational services for managers and workers of farms of the country's agro-industrial complexes.

All professions

BIG DATA analyst (industrial)

Developer adc constructor (aggregated digital doubles)

Operator adc

Digital Avatar Developer

Designer/ developer/ engineer-technologist smart cyberphysical infrastructures

Iot specialist

Architect peripheral computing

Devops engineer

Guide to mixed realities (functions can be performed by ai)

Cyborgizer engineer

Instructor on cyborgization

Cyber lawyer

R&d manager

Architect it ecosystems


Biotechnologist-microbiologist aquasystems

Microbiologist on microalgae

Ecosystem management technologist


Agronomist of energy crops

Technologist of innovative biologics


Digital agronomist

Robotics-animal breeder on dairy farms

Regeneration and disposal engineer

Engineer of the product tracking system

Engineer for automation and robotization of agricultural production (Agroinformatics)

It engineer for land management

Smart Grid Designer

Business process continuity Manager

Specialist in integrated design of power supply systems


Artificial Intelligence Development and Implementation Engineer (Smart Grid)

Specialist in new technology in agriculture

Smart manager

RES operational dispatcher

Biotechnologist in the field of synthetic biology

Hydrogen Energy Engineer

Energy Marketer

Developer-designer of autonomous power systems

Developer-designer of electric and heat energy storage devices

Numerical methods in energy

Building manager, apartment building

City Moderator

Modernization Engineer for Traditional Energy Equipment

Aerohydrodynamics of wind and hydro turbines

Reactor equipment engineer

Recuperation engineer

Gas station designer

Generating device mechanic

Process Engineer for High Temperature Materials Science

Cybersecurity Specialist for Complex Energy Networks

Economics Specialist on Demand

Energy manager

Engineer for the development of CAD based on multiphysics modeling of energy objects

Operator intellectual cyber-physical infrastructures

Engineer-technologist peripheral computing

Financial Instruments Engineer

A specialist in the field of nanotechnology

The operator on robotics

It engineer for water resources management


Monitoring's multi-experience (user experience)