Farmers and workers of mixed crop production ⇒ Crop farmer 2.0


Robots involved in fields and gardens are already engaged in planting, pruning, transplanting, grafting, thinning, weeding, and harvesting. In addition, precision farming technologies are based on differentiated application of materials (fertilizers, seeds, plant protection products, etc.) and electronic field maps with all the characteristics of each field section. Electronic maps allow you to create precise instructions for the application of fertilizers, seeds, SPR and water consumption for each section of the field. All operations are carried out by computerized agricultural machinery that operates using satellite navigation.  Technologies for automating planting, breeding, and seedling care are currently being developed (for example, HETO Agrotechnics and Harvest Automation). Technologies for robotic harvesting of apples, grapes and peppers are also being developed (in particular, the EU CROPS project).

Trigger - automation, digitalization and robotization of agricultural work.