Information Technology Publication Date 11-10-2020

Uvaleev Zholaman

Executive Director of the Kazakhstan Association of IT Companies

About the atlas of new professions and personalization of it education:

The Atlas will be a kind of reference for the educational system, a benchmark for the further development of IT in Kazakhstan in terms of training qualified personnel.

And the deficit in them is constantly felt. You need to work in this direction from school.

The quality of textbooks, the quality of teaching already at school remains extremely low. The same informatics, which is the base. It is taught according to outdated programs, 1-2 hours a week.

There are many young talented guys in Kazakhstan, but they are forced to educate themselves. They "shoot", but at the expense of their abilities and zeal, and not what they were taught at school, college, university.

80 universities of the country train IT specialists. But this is raw material. Few of them get a job in their profession.

We need a personal approach to each student from school, you need to track the guys, identify them, help them decide on which path they want to develop.