Publication Date 11-10-2020

Musin Bagdat Batyrbekovich

Minister of Digital Development and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan

On IT sector development

One of the main trends in the IT-industry is the change of approaches in doing business taking into account modern technologies. Unfortunately, on a national scale we are only beginning to understand the importance and value of automation and digitalization, innovation, implementation of modern solutions at large production facilities in all sectors of the economy. Meanwhile, they help save resources, increase profitability, eliminate corruption and increase profitability.

In Kazakhstan, every second industry needs to implement advanced IT solutions into business processes. It is reasonable for IT companies to focus on a certain market segment and develop their products in this direction, promoting them to the domestic market. Demand is very high - from agriculture to high-tech industries, such as aerospace or oil and gas sector.

In terms of future estimates, now it is quite difficult to predict anything. The pace and direction of IT development is so great and diverse that it is hard to track. Especially for such a distant future as 10-15 years. We can only speculate. Nevertheless, watching what is happening in the world and being a participant of these changes, we can already assume that in the future IT specialists will become universal workers with multi-skills.

The statement that human participation in this or that branches will be minimized as a result of IT penetration causes active polemics. Certainly, IT development will correct the markets, but not everywhere. I am convinced that such spheres as education and medicine will "suffer" the least in the future. However, I am sure that in the future IT specialists will become universal workers with multi skills.