Transport and logistic Publication Date 11-10-2020

Khan Vladimir

Managing Director DHL FREIGHT KZ LLP "DHL Logistics (Kazakhstan)"

The industry is now seeing trends in digitalization and automation. In the future, I see minimal customer involvement in logistics, everything will be automated as much as possible. There are customers who send their goods to thousands of points simultaneously, and this cannot be done without automation.

Now there is also a very large bias towards groupage cargo without large wholesale customers, and in such processes digitalization and automation is the most important factor. In Kazakhstan, these processes are currently underdeveloped.

If we develop our transit potential, our companies will become holdings and will accumulate profits from all neighboring countries. I know companies that have their headquarters in Belarus and branches in 12-15 countries. If we have a million cars in Kazakhstan, that 1.5 million people will work only as drivers, plus mechanics are still needed to service these cars, sales department employees, service stations, gas stations and so on. We have gigantic prospects: we have cheaper fuel and lower wages for drivers, and moreover, we have a huge population willing to work. Thus, we can serve the transport flows between China and Russia, Central Asia and Russia, between Europe and China. It is necessary to invest in transit warehouses, container hubs, car and wagon fleets.

If we talk about disappearing professions, then I think that by 2050 drivers will disappear if we have drones. Also, freight forwarders can disappear, to some extent, due to automation. In general, the most promising area is information technology and everything related to information technology and logistics. In the future, human participation will be minimized, everything will be automated and robotic.