LLP "Agrofirm" Rodina "


Agrofirm "Rodina", in comparison with other milk processors, is in a more advantageous position, as it processes its raw materials at the first stage of freshness. The farm is actively involved in the program to provide the city of Astana with food. Every day the farm supplies the capital with an average of 35-45 tons of milk and dairy products, but this amount of milk is not enough to meet the needs of the Astana city market and the Agrofirm solves this issue by increasing its raw material base, and not purchasing raw materials with low quality from other manufacturers or the private population, since the farm adheres to the following principles: the use of only natural raw materials, strict control over the observance of technological regimes, high production standards, and the sale of products at affordable prices.

All professions


Biotechnologist-microbiologist aquasystems

Ecosystem management technologist

Technologist of innovative biologics

Digital agronomist

Robotics-animal breeder on dairy farms

The operator on robotics

Engineer of the product tracking system

Engineer for automation and robotization of agricultural production (Agroinformatics)

It engineer for water resources management

It engineer for land management

Specialist in the export of agricultural products

Business process continuity Manager


Specialist in new technology in agriculture