Abi-Zher LLP


ABI-ZHER LLP is one of the largest agricultural producers in the North Kazakhstan region. The main activity is the cultivation of cereals, oilseeds and legumes. It also transfers innovative European technologies and equipment to Russia and the CIS countries for the use of renewable resources in the production of energy and environmentally friendly building materials, as well as applies technologies and equipment from leading domestic manufacturers. Together with the Kovrov Plant of Boiler-Furnace and Drying Equipment, it develops special power equipment that allows it to utilize agricultural waste (straw, husk of grain, manure, etc.), food, processing industry and replace hydrocarbon fuel. Accepts and places orders at the plant for the manufacture of equipment for solving non-standard complex thermal problems when using biomass as fuel

All professions


Biotechnologist-microbiologist aquasystems

Ecosystem management technologist

Technologist of innovative biologics

Digital agronomist

The operator on robotics

Engineer of the product tracking system

Engineer for automation and robotization of agricultural production (Agroinformatics)

It engineer for water resources management

It engineer for land management

Specialist in the export of agricultural products

Business process continuity Manager


Specialist in new technology in agriculture