LLP "Freight company TransAl"


We are glad to open a new website of the international freight company TransAl and the opportunity to welcome you in the new decade of its history. We are ready to cooperate with you, train you and do everything to make you contact us again. We hope that our services will become better and cheaper for you, and together we will be able to reach new heights in development. This will be helped by the constantly growing professionalism and experience of our employees, numerous partnerships and resources of us and our partners, the constantly increasing customer requirements for the company's products, our ethics and relationship packages, our comprehensive products for ensuring foreign economic activity that are constantly optimized for you, our care and attention to your property and interests.

All professions

Transport control interface designer

Digital Twin Designer

Operator of digital twins

Digital logistic card constructor

Operator of digital logistics maps

Digital logistician

Additive Maintenance Engineer

Robotics operator

Robotics Technological Engineer

Remote control operator of a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles

Operator-technologist of autonomous vehicles

Alternative and Eco Transport Technician


Transport gamiifier

Predictive Maintenance Technologist