Atlas of new professions and competencies in the Republic of Kazakhstan

About the Atlas

Dear friends, in the conditions of rapidly changing conditions in the labor market, you probably already have before you question: who to become, what profession to choose or what new profession to master?

You must have asked your colleagues, friends or parents for advice if you are choosing a profession for the first time. Tips can be very different: follow the dream, choose a profession, like parents, choose prestigious and monetary profession, choose a profession that would provide you with stable income for many years to come, etc. Who to listen to, what advice to take? We are ready to give an arc advice.

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Catalog of professions

Atlas of new professions and competencies is a collection of new professions that, according to industry experts will appear in the near future. The near future in this Atlas is determined for 5-10 years. Select the industry you are interested in from the list to get detailed information about the industry, study trends, and also get acquainted with the expected new professions, learn about transforming and disappearing professions.

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