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Logistics and procurement coordinator
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Бос жұмыс орын туралы ақпараттар
  • Аймақ АТЫРАУСКАЯ ОБЛАСТЬ / г. Атырау
  • Лауазымдық міндеті

    Duties and responsibilities

    Establish and maintain a supplier database

    -Obtain quotations from suppliers to achieve the most cost effective procurement.

    Implement regular stock takes and provide detailed management reports

    -Control the receipt and issue of spare parts, including control of customer’s equipment and parts issues for repair job activities.

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Жұмыс іздеушіге талаптар
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  • Біліктілікке қойылатын талаптар

    Person Specification

    -Higher education.

    -Minimum of 8 years post qualification experience.

    -Minimum of 5 years experience in logistics/procurement/purchasing.

    -Good Knowledge of ROK laws relating to import/export of equipment/spare parts.

    -Fluency in Russian/Kazak/English language.

    -Computer literate (MS Office).

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Дереккөзі - жеке жұмыспен қамту агенттігі
  • Вид ЧАЗ Кадрлық агенттіктер, рекрутингтік компаниялар;
  • Мекен-жайы Азаттык 2Б
  • Аймақ г. Атырау
  • Байланыстағы тұлға Амангуль Кожахметова Талгатовна
  • Байланыс деректері
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    KIS/Orion providers of personnel local and expatriate to the Kazakhstan Oil and Gas operators. Design and Engineering Support Services, Oil and Gas Support Industry and the Financial institutions from the Oil and Gas fields in Tengiz across to the man made islands in the Caspian sea and onwards into the Major cities within Kazakhstan.For clients, KlS/Orion undertakes to provide the best people to meet contract and staff needs, by working in partnership to thoroughly understand individual client needs and deliver a service that exceeds expectations. We will also work to continuously improve our management, safety, environmental and quality systems to meet the challenges of new and current markets. For staff, we pledge to provide a good working environment, using the most effective technology to meet the business needs of our company and clients. Through training, we aim to create a motivated workforce that performs to maximum potential, and is rewarded according to company success. By striving to meet these standards of excellence, we aim to outperform our competitors in all aspects of our business, to achieve growth and increase profitability within a dynamic working environment.

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